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The Tempio Malatestiano is a cathedral church of Rimini. The church has an imposing wide marble facade decorated by sculptures. The large arcades on the sides are reminiscent of the Roman aqueducts. In each blind arch is a sarcophagus, a gothic tradition of interment under the exterior side arches of a church. The entrance portal has a triangular pediment over the door set within the center arch; geometrical decorations fill the tympanum. Inside are seven chapels with the tombs of notable Riminese citizens with the likes of the philosopher Gemistus Pletho. The left side has no chapels (outside is a … Continue reading


Castel Sismondo, a castle in Rimini, gets its name by the name of the man who commissioned it and even planned. Sigismondo Malatesta is often referred to as designer and creator of the entire building. The construction work began in March of 1437 and the structure of the fortress was designed as a palace and a fortress at the same time. It had a central core which was located in the rich residence of the Lord, adorned with curtains and tapestries, frescoes and paintings. The works lasted some 15 years. In origin the castle-palace was provided with a large moat, … Continue reading


The city of sea and sun, Rimini happens to take pride in its varied and large collection of hotels and resorts. Though the city is a bubbling tourist destination, very few here speak anything but Italian. Among the various tourist attractions in the city is the Bridge of Tiberius here, so be sure to take your phrase book with you. The locals will work with you and are always happy to see a foreigner at least trying to communicate in their language. One of the major tourist attractions in Rimini is the Tiberius Bridge. This Roman bridge in Italy was … Continue reading


The city of Rimini takes pride in being the hometown of the world-famous film director Federico Fellini who was born here and even took to his death bed here. Rimini had always inspired Fellini who has frequently used the images of the city in his movies. The city has a lot of tourist attractions dedicated to this great director. There is the Fellini Museum which is a short walk from the Augustus Arch, in the historic core of Rimini. The museum was opened by the Fondazione Federico Fellini and by the Fellini family in order to make available to scholars, … Continue reading


When it comes to green spots offering respite from the hustle and bustle of city life and offering relaxation with a stroll or recreation through the fun filled amusement activities, the Italian city of Rimini has no dearth of parks and gardens. Some of the choicest green attractions of Rimini are: Dolphinarium: Standing at the exotic location of sea front, this happens to be one of the most amusing attractions of Rimini for the kids of all ages. Both dolphins as well as calves perform stupendous acrobatics, dance routines, games and funny sketches along with their instructors. The visitors are … Continue reading

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