Arco di Augusto or the Augustus arch, built as a tribute to Emperor Augustus, holds its beholder spellbound. Surrounded by ruins of the demolished city walls – a souvenir of the fascist period – the arch stands tall and proud, marking the end of the street Via Flaminia and the beginning of Via Emilia.

The arch’s simple and modest design serves to be the element enhancing its grandeur.  Magnificent reliefs of the four deities – Jupiter, Apollo, Neptune and Roma rejoice the sight falling upon it. The original arch was adorned by an outstanding statue, of the emperor himself mounted upon a chariot, one which is lost among the ruins of history.

The original arch built for an ornamental purpose was later modified and given a more defensive role in the 10th century. The major portion of the original arch was however preserved and can be witnessed as an architectural wonder in the city of Rimini. The carvings upon its surface dedicate the arch to emperor Augustus and is the subject of many scholarly activities.

Grand and striking, this triumphal arch situated in the picturesque city of Rimini, is much more than a tourist spot- it is a mark left upon this earth by the history of a glorius time, often called the Augustus Pax.