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Rimini offers art lovers a chance to enjoy quality work done by renowned masters. The main attractions here are the museums and art galleries that, for the most part offer plenty in terms of history and culture. Most of the items found in these art galleries are those that tell of the city’s growth since the times of the Romans. It also gives one the opportunity to view the most notable Italian art work dating as far back as the 16th century.

These galleries in most part will have their work displayed according to the centuries that they were created. Among those things displayed here are a number of important Roman artifacts and mosaics. There are also works done by local artists. This will include sculptures and art work from as long as the 16th to the 18th century.

  • The Museo Collezione Arte Sacra is one of the museums that, spread through its four galleries, are an assortment of priceless art work dating from the 16th century to date. There are also sacred artifacts that can be found here. These include vases, historical shrines, religious treasures and various large canvases and the entrance to this museum itself it worth looking.
  • There is are beautiful reliefs within the main entrance hall for you to admire as you go into the museum. Entry to this museum is free. However, the other museums will offer you an affordable fee. Furthermore, there will be discount for children. They are opened for most part of the week, but the hours are regulated.
  • There are many more areas where art lovers can get to enjoy themselves.  This they will not only get from the museums and galleries alone. The many medieval structures do offer quite a wonderful site, just as much as the ancient architectural designs will. These too can be enjoyed to the fullest.

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