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There are very many fun things to do while in Rimini. This city offers one a chance to have outdoor sports and nature excursions. It has a rich history that tourists would love, as well as a vibrant culture. It is possible to find something here that can give you the entertainment you would expect from your holiday destination. There are very many entertainment and amusement spots to choose from, that while you are here you will be spoiled of choice.

In peak season the beaches in Rimini are usually busy with tourists flocking each point. It has one of Italy’s most popular beach resorts and sandy beaches, with top rate bathing facilities. These beaches are said to stretch to more than 14 km. It is during the 7th and the 8th month that you will see endless beach umbrellas littering the beaches. However, this all ends in spring, the time when not many tourists are in Rimini. Spring in Rimini is usually the best time for taking strolls near the beaches and taking in some of the sea air. These beaches are open to the public daily and to enter the area is free of charge.

Night Life Attractions
In Rimini, night life is very much vibrant. It has bars, pubs, night clubs and restaurants that are always opened all night. This however, is not to say that there are no entertainments for others. This city offers the best sights for history lovers and the music culture also is to be enjoyed.

Land Marks and Monuments
There is the Roman amphitheatre that has been carefully reserved and is a spectacular attraction. This arena is used for mostly opera concerts and in presenting musicals to the citizens and visitors.

The Piazza Tre martiri is said to have been the square most frequently visited by Julius Caesar, just before he conquered Rome. There are many other squares which will also hold your interest apart from this one. It is not possible to leave Rimini without visiting any one of its museums. Here, in these museums, you will get to learn more about Rimini’s culture and history. Film lovers have a chance to learn about the life and celebrated times of the famous Italian movie directors from these museums.

Nearest Towns Attractions
Even though Rimini has many tourists’ attractions, there is other nearby town that offer more to die for sights and entertainment. These towns are not located very far, and one can be able to visit them. These towns do offer seaside resorts and beaches worth exploring. Located about 26 kilometers from Rimini is the San Mario town republic. It is the oldest republic in Italy that has a number of interesting landmarks and historical sites which can be easily viewed by foot. This republic has one interesting fact about it. San Mario has its own currency, postage stamps and its own army as well.

Ravenna is an ancient town located along the coast of Rimini. It has the biggest churches that have even had eight of them classified as historical sites by UNESCO. This town offers a perfect place for history lovers and those who have an interest in how Roman churches were built. One more town to see that is near Rimini is the Cattolica. This town was built around a bay and has been able to retain most of its original charm. It is a fishing village with fishing as the main activity. This has led to the invention of fishing sports that the locals and the tourists can enjoy. Also located here are squares that as a visitor you can get to enjoy Italian music and dancing.

There is another most visited town. This is the Pesaro which is about 40 kilometers from Rimini. This coastal town is a must visit for music lovers. Located here is the house that a famous music composer was once born. You will get to learn more about him by visiting this town.

These are just but a few of the towns that can offer you the best holiday experience. Most of them do not differ much in what they offer but are worth touring. Furthermore, most of the sites you will visit in this town are opened daily and are usually free of charge. There are those that still have the man caves, and visitors can get to learn more about their history. There are those that also offer you a great view of the Roman architecture and a beautiful walk in medieval streets

Rimini Weather
The main attraction that has made Rimini a tourist destination, and is the most visited is the fact that the weather here is the best. What most visitors come to do is to soak up the sun and to relax. This is why the coastlines and beach fronts are very common with tourists. The summer months in Rimini offers these visitors a chance for both daily sightseeing, as well as a vibrant night life.

Summer is the time you will find most tourists flocking the sandy beaches in this city’s coastlines. These beaches offer fun for everybody of all ages. They also have other fun activities taking place to entertain the visitors. Delfinario Rimini has regular dolphin shows that always draw crowds. On hot sunny days one can spend some time at the Aquafan water park which provides you with a way to cool down from the heat. For families there is the fast roller coaster rides and paddle boats that the Fiabilandia Park offers.

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