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Every year, many different events ranging from specific food and drink festivals to annual neighborhood events are hosted in Rimini and its surroundings. These events and festivals attract the interest of many visitors to Rimini. There are also many trade fairs hosted in the Rimini’s busy resort, with the Rimini Trade Fair (which is a bilingual periodical found at Rimini Fiera) being a very vital information source about these events. Rimini Fiera is the main exhibition centre in Rimini and all the festivals and seasonal matters pertaining to the region of Emiliano-Romagnolo are listed here. Let us take a look at the 2010/2011 calendar of events and festivals and see what it has in store for visitors.

  1. January
    The New Year Celebrations which is a worldwide event also take place in Rimini. These early January celebrations are marked with opera performances on New Year’s Day and a few consequent days. The SIGEP is another international exhibition event where confectionery artisan producers, Italian pastries, ice cream and bakery are showcased and it takes place at Rimini Fiera, together with demos, expo displays, and various training courses and so on.
  2. February
    The First Alternative is an event specially meant for showcasing Italian fashions for both men and ladies. This trade fair is also hosted by the Rimini Fiera main exhibition centre. Crossroads Jazz Festival also comes in February and this is a music festival is held annually and hosted in Rimini and many other venues in the region, running from February up to the start of Summer.
  3. March
    La Fogherraccia festival is a transitional symbol marking the end of the winter and at the start of springtime. The feast day eve is characterized by event Bonfires (fogherancie) that are lit throughout the city and this is a dedication to St. Joseph. Actually, something that Rimini is famous for in the larger Romagna region of Italy is its fogheracce, which considered the largest.
  4. April
    Paganello which is also an international frisbee event and coincides with Easter time since it happens in early April. During this sporting event, competitors from all corners of the world come to Rimini with the aim of winning the Paganello World Beach Ultimate Cup. It is normally characterized by activities like children’s entertainment and live jazz concerts.
  5. May
    Balconi Fioriti is a popular festival andtakes place on a weekend in mid- May during which Rimini gets a new transformation. Extraordinary flower displays that are laid on the balconies around the city blossom and paint it green.
  6. June
    The BluRimini is mainly an event of races and regattas during daytime and theatre entertainment in the evenings. The other event in June is Gradisca which marks mark the beginning of summer festival that runs for 100 days. It is characterized by food and drink, dancing, fireworks displays and so on. Finally, the Rimini jazz Festival takes place in mid-June where many European jazz musicians perform on and around the beaches to enthusiastic crowds.
  7. July
  8. The Borgo San Giovanni Festival which is a traditional local festival occurs in mid-July where music, arts and crafts, shows and traditional foods mark the celebrations.

  9. August
    First, the Ferragosto occurs on 15th and it is a traditional holiday in Italy. The Virgin Mary Assumption feast forms the theme of the holiday celebrations including parties and concerts in clubs and bars in the city of Rimini. Second to come is ‘Riviera delle mode’ Fashion Show which is a fashion feast where catwalk shows are stagged in Piazza Cavour by top designers from the region.
  10. September
    The Borgo San Giuliano Festival has been celebrated for the past two years where a specific theme is chosen each year based on Rimini’s heroes. Also, the Sagra Malatestiana Music Festival takes place in mid-September.
  11. October
    Mangiar Sano is held at Rimini’s Montefiore Conca neighborhood and it is a two-day event on good foods tastings and seminars.
  12. November
    Lucincittà takes palace and it is a Christmas welcoming festival in Rimini’s historic district towards the November end.
  13. December
    The Christmas festival Fairs and celebrations happens in the whole of Rimini.

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