Rmini is a popular tourist destination and tourists flock here to soak in the sun and relax along the extensive coastline and beachfront of Rimini. Apart from the beach, Rimini also has many historical buildings and nightlife to offer. There are more than 100 nightclubs and discos in Rimini, which are never far from the Piazza Tre Martiri or the Piazza Cavour, the city’s main public squares. Some of the famous tourist attractions of Rimini are:

San Giovanni Battista: This church was built in the 12th century and is well known for its wonderful paintings made by Giuseppe Mazza, Santi Carmelitani by Guido Cagnacci; La Predica del Battistaby Andrea Boscoli, La Trinità e i Santi Prottetori di Rimini by Father Cosimo Piazza.

Roman Amphitheatre-The roman amphitheatre had two orders of porticoes with sixty arcades and was erected alongside the ancient coast line. It was elliptical in shape measuring 73 x 74 meters. The building could hold up to 15,000 spectators.

The Church of San Fortunato: This chruch houses the Adoration of the Magi by Giorgio Vasari.

The church of San Giuliano Martire: This site houses the great picture of Paul Veronese which represents the martyrdom of the saint. Some pictures of Bittino da Faenza dealing with the saint’s life are also included.

Museo Fellini: This site is quite interesting for film lovers as here the life of Italian film director Federico Fellini is celebrated.