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You can cover the center of Rumini city on foot and can be very enjoyable because there are many historical buildings worth seeing on the way and also many shops that have interesting stuff you would like to purchase and keep during your trip. To go from the city center to the beach, you might want to take a bicycle because it is a simple and more eco friendly way of transport. If you want to travel across the region, it would be advisable to hire a vehicle because of the distance you will cover but it’s also a good idea to check out their train services, which would offer an even more economic and wonderful way of traveling in Rimini.

By Bus:
Rimini city has an excellent bus transport service system. The bus service within the municipality links the entire city center to the seaside resorts including Marebello, Miramare, Bellariva and Rivazzurra. There are 15 bus routes that connect to many destinations around the city and many also travel to the city’s train station. A transport company called the Blue Line service operates a special late night service during August, which connects the city center to the clubs that are out of town, the campsites and also the train station. They have coaches transport the visitors to many of the towns and also cities in that region, which include Cattolica, San Marino, Torriana and Savignano. A bus station known as the Ferrovie Padane station is located nearby and is the point of departure for the coaches heading to Montefeltro and Valmarecchia.

By Train:
In Rimini, the train station is located just 10 minutes away from the city’s historical city center. The train services link Rumini to other cities in that region and the train tickets are very cheap making this mode of transport the best alternative to hiring a vehicle.

By Taxi:
You might also choose to travel by taxi on your holiday in Rimini. There are plenty of taxis within the city center and they offer some convenience in getting around the city especially during the evening to cover short distances. There are some cycle paths, which link the beach area to the city center, the countryside and most of the surrounding villages making bicycles a good mode of transport.

By Air:
The city is served by Federico Fellini International Airport, which is located 8 km from the city itself. The Federico Airport is has limited domestic and international connecting flights. Easy-Jet flights operate from London in the UK to Fellini airport. The regular buses transport the visitors to central Rimini from the Federico Fellini Airport. Some hotels in Rimini offer garaging for private guests and this can really good for guests during the peak of the summer season. Parking on the sea front of the city during July and August can be very difficult and extremely expensive. In general, Rimini is a great holiday spot to travel to in Italy and has a lot to offer in terms of scenery.

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