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The Italian city of Rimini is the capital city of the Province Of Rimini. Rimini is considered as one of the most famous seaside resort on the Adriatic Riviera. In the early 280 BCs, the city was involved in a number of civil wars but it remained faithful to its leader Marius and Caesar respectively. Then Rimini drew the attention of many Roman emperors who included Hadrian and Augustus. During that period, the Tiberius Bridge, the Ampitheatre, the Gala Placida and Arch of Augustus monuments were constructed. History has it that this city was based on a road junction connected to northern and central Italy and this point was seen as the point of defense against the armies of Gaul.

In 493, the city was conquered by the Goths and given as a gift to the Holy See in 735. Many Rimini famous families battled over control of Rimini town and the Malatesta family got the upper hand in the battles, and hence the control in 1239 and the family gained dominance of the city in 1528. Then the city was made into a secondary town of the Papal States and hence its commerce was dominated by the fishing Industry. In 1527, Sigismondo managed to regain the city and the end of the following year the Malatesta family town dominion came to the end. The first establishments of bathing were established in1843 and this became the symbol of the town. This establishment promoted the establishment of the tourist industry of which up to date is the reason behind the growth of the city’s economic growth.

The world wars 1 and 2 had huge impacts on the town, as it became the primary target of many opposing forces. During the Second World War, the city was literary torn apart by the passage of Gothic line and bombardments, which led to the eventual capturing by the Greek. The city’s final liberation came forth in 1994 and since then subsequent developments have lead to the town being a major tourist attraction center in the whole of Italy. The current or modern Rimini is a resort located on the Italian Riviera and it has well over 1000 hotels. Rimini is a popular place for people to go and sun bathing and other sea beach related activities the center also is considered to have the best varieties of wines and foods.

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