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Rimini is a city rich in terms of its history and culture and it is therefore common to find many museums dedicated to preserving this history and culture. It is usual to find that most of the museums in Rimini have specialized in a variety of things. It is common to find museums that have dedicated themselves to the life and works of famous individuals who made a lot of impact on people’s lives, or one that covers everything you could need to know about the history of things such as aviation and even marine life.

These are not the only things that you can get from these many museums. It is possible for you to get both old and new things of interest to you, and some of these things have been gotten from all over the world.

  • Aviation Museum is one such specialized museum that shows cases airplanes from as far as those used in the Vietnam War. This museum is located south of Rimini, and is home to over 40 planes that were used in the Korean War or the most recent ones being the war of the Gulf and the former Yugoslavia. Furthermore, you can find airplanes that once carried the likes of Marylin Monroe and John Kennedy. There is also a section in this museum that displays pilots’ uniforms and photo graphs.
  • Museo Fellini is a museum located within Rimini’s historical centre and is a favorite for both Italian visitors as well as foreigners. Showcased here are everything related to the film director Federico Fellini. It has everything about this great film director, from his life and career to his greatest masterpieces. This museum hosts regular exhibitions of drawings, photographs and sketches too.
  • For displays of marine life, a visit to the Museo Delle Conchigle will uncover some of the best secrets of the sea. The displays include everything from seashells, to molluscs, marine organisms and crustaceans. These are some of the exhibits gotten from all over the world.
  • Book lovers can also enjoy themselves in Rimini, especially if you are looking for the rare manuscripts, periodicals, historical artifacts and other similar attractions. The Gambalunga Library is a museum dedicated to over 200,000 books and though it has an extensive array of collections from a 16th century merchant’s son, it boosts of having publications from the modern day authors. Fortunately, this museum is open to the public and it is the first one of its kind to be run by the public. Furthermore, alongside this main library there is a special children’s library as well as an exhibition space.

Most of these museums are opened daily and can be accessed free of charge. For those that charge a small fee, it is common to find they have discounts for small children and for those below six years they can access it free of charge.

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