When it comes to green spots offering respite from the hustle and bustle of city life and offering relaxation with a stroll or recreation through the fun filled amusement activities, the Italian city of Rimini has no dearth of parks and gardens. Some of the choicest green attractions of Rimini are:

Standing at the exotic location of sea front, this happens to be one of the most amusing attractions of Rimini for the kids of all ages. Both dolphins as well as calves perform stupendous acrobatics, dance routines, games and funny sketches along with their instructors. The visitors are mesmerized with the harmony presented between man and dolphins alike. Another attraction of Dolphinarium is the sea gallery with its prized collection of special skeletons and valuable finds which helps the visitors get a close glimpse of diverse living conditions in the Mediterranean Sea and the further tropical settings.

The Italy in Miniature Park:
This miniature park allows the visitors to get a feel of the historic churches and monuments in Italy without harming the real monument. This is a theme park which features scaled down replica of some of the famous monuments of Italy and gets more than half a million visitors each year from all parts of the world.

Parco Alcide Cervi:
Parco Alcide Cervi happens to be the pride of the Italian city of Rimini, being one of its hottest attractions and also one of the most visited ones during the summer months. You can reach the park avoiding the traffic congestion by taking the bike path Claudia Ugolini. The park features a famous monument by Elio Morri dedicated to the Resistance. The monument, inaugurated in 1973, celebrates the partisan resistance and its victims. The park also features a fountain which was opened in 2009.