Rimini is an Italian city that is in the Emilia-Romagna region and it is the capital city of the Province of Rimini. Rimini is located near the coast on the Adriatic Sea between the Ausa River and rivers Marecchia. The Rimini area is approximately 54 square miles and it holds a population of approximately 150000. The language of use there is Emiliano-Romagnolo / Italian. It records an average low temperature of 7 degrees Celsius during the month of January and the highest average of 28 degrees Celsius in July. Rimini is known for traditional fishing and coast navigation industries. Although this is so, the Emilian city is also another booster of tourist attraction with traditional Italian characters for those people who are ready to do a lot of exploration. The summer periods in this place are also popular as the tourist arrivals reach their peak during this season.

The majority of tourists arriving in Rimini are from Italy. These tourists go to this place to enjoy beach based activities, weekend getaways and nocturnal entertainment. One can see many attractions while in Rimini. The Rimini coastline of which stretches about 15km is full of beaches and rows of parasols. Close to the beaches is the Delfinerio Rimini where there are regular dolphin shows. This can be very entertaining. During the hottest of days in this place, people can cool themselves at the Rimini’s Aquafan and at the Fiabilandia theme park where the Mississippi paddle boats exist. Other tourist attractions in Rimini apart from beaches a include the Chiesa di San Agostino e San Giovanni Evangelista which is a very old church, the Italia in Miniature a popular theme park, Teatro Amintore Galli (a monumental theatre) and Tempio Malatestiano, (an old cathedral in Rimini)

For a touch of history, there are many landmarks, which include the Castel Sismondo and the enormous Roman Ampitheatre. There are also Piazza tre Martini that was frequented by Julius Caesar before he conquered Rome and the Pizza Cavour both of which hold lots of interests. Ravenna is the World Heritage site that can also provide a lot of history.

Rimini also has interesting surrounding environments full of seaside resorts and towns for those who would love to get out of the city. Examples of such include Cattolica, Cervia and San Marino. The Aviation Museum and Museo della Citta, which is the city museum, hold historic tools and structures including historic planes. Other museums include Museo Collezione Arte Sacra, Museo Delle Conchiglie and the Gambalunga Library that have historic walls and other historic artifacts and books. For the lovers of films, the Museo Fellini will provide for your needs. This is where the lots of film are shown and the famous Italian film Director Federico Fellini is celebrated.

For transportation in and around the city, there are various means of transport available. They include roads, railway and air transportation. The area is served by six railway stations, three airports and a number of roads.