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Rimini is found in the Italy’s Emilia- Romagna region, to the south of Venice. It is a famous tourist resort with attractions such as beaches, ancient remains of civilization, and various Gothic architectures and so on. Other, than Rimini, adjacent cities like Ravenna and Pesaro also experience a lot of tourism activity as well, though Rimini seems to be more strategically located for tourism to thrive more than in the nearby cities.

Tourist Information offices
There are various tourist information offices in Rimini. The main tourist office is located on Via Dante that is just a few yards from the bus station. This office is the busiest, serving tourists as from 8.30a.m up to 7.00p.m between April and October. However, as from November all the way to March, the offices open from 10.00a.m and operate until 4.00p.m. Another torist information office is found at Parco Federico.

Rimini Language
The main language used in Rimini and Italy as a whole is Italian. The Emiliano-Romagnolo dialect is preferred by the locals. But English is also used especially by those who are in the tourism industry. If you are a visitor and green in the native language, then perhaps these few language hints could be of benefit to you.

  • Ciao – Hi.
  • Quale? – Which?
  • Come ti chiami (si chiama) – What is your name?
  • Lo sono inglese – I am English.
  • Da dove vieni (e)? – Where are you from?
  • Che cosa succede? – What is the matter?
  • Partiamo oggi. – We are leaving today.
  • Vorrei una camera singola. – I’d like a single room.
  • Non importa. – It does not matter.
  • Quanto Costa una stanza per notte? – How much is the room per night?

Rimini’s Dos And Don’ts
When visiting Rimini, it is very important for you to understand some basic rules and regulations that govern the city, what is required of you and where to get some basic services should you need the same.

  • For automobile assistance, the number to reach the Automobile Association (Automobile Club d’Italia) is +800 116 80.
  • There are various outlets around the city where you can get internet access, including Bar Posto Puubblico.
  • There is a hospital along Luigi Settembrini and the medical emergency line is +39 0541 7057 57.
  • The main post office in Rimini is found at Corso of d’Augusto.
  • Only EU visitors can be allowed to work here and Italy as a whole with restrictions on Non-EU visitors who have to obtain a working permit first.
  • Smoking in public areas is against the law. There are designated areas for smoking.

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