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When you talk of a wide range of shopping opportunities, then Rimini in Italy is one of the places you cannot fail to mention. There are high street fashion stores, handcrafted goods shops, chic boutiques, supermarkets, and many more, with the option of both the mini and the large stores for all visitors to be satisfied. However, to get the best out of your shopping in Rimini, visiting the market is the best advice to take or the neighboring San Marino Republic which is a duty free haven for shoppers.

Though you will find most of your products most of the time, there are some designated times that are very good for your shopping, especially when going to the market, which normally begins trading at around 7.00a.m. For the various shops, their opening hours are normally 9.00a.m and run up to 8.00p.m with a lunch break between 1.00pm and 3.30p.m during which they remain closed. Sundays are normally a resting day and almost all the smaller shops will remain closed. However, you will notice that the larger shops as well as the seafront ones will remain open throughout the whole day and even on weekends especially when it is peak season.

If you want particular shopping hot spots in Rimini, then Corso d’Augusto is your answer, stretching all the way from Arco d’Agosto to ponte di Tiberio through Piazza Tre Martiri. Here, you get almost everything you require especially for your holiday shopping from the countless shops and Rimini’s main department stores. The local market normally operates in Piazza Malatesta on Wednesdays and Piazza Cavour on Fridays, with Vecchia Pescheria, Piazza Malatesta and Piazza Cavour hosting the same every month’s last Sunday. Visitors can also check out the ‘Le Befane’, which is a largest shopping mall in the region.

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