The city of sea and sun, Rimini happens to take pride in its varied and large collection of hotels and resorts. Though the city is a bubbling tourist destination, very few here speak anything but Italian. Among the various tourist attractions in the city is the Bridge of Tiberius here, so be sure to take your phrase book with you. The locals will work with you and are always happy to see a foreigner at least trying to communicate in their language. One of the major tourist attractions in Rimini is the Tiberius Bridge.

This Roman bridge in Italy was built over the Marecchia River, then known as Ariminus, began under Augustus in 14 AD and was completed under Tiberius in 21. As such, an inscription calls the bridge as “given by both emperors”. The bridge was the only crossing of the Marecchia not destroyed by the retreating German army during the Battle of Rimini and is said to have resisted all attempts at destruction, including the ignition failure of explosive charges.

The bridge connects the city centre to Borgo San Giuliano and leads to the consular roads Via Emilia and Via Popilia that lead north. The bridge is built in Istria stone and features five semicircular arches with an average span length of ca. 8 m. At present the bridge can be accessed by pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Only heavy goods vehicles are not allowed on the bridge.

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